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 RawalTV, the new name in Entertainment. RawalTV has many firsts and is pioneer with its name in many ways:

  • RawalTV is the first "South Asian/Canadian" entertainment TV channel of Canada.
  • RawalTV is a completely "CANADIAN" based channel.
  • RawalTV is the first TV channel which has the representation of the people of South Asia.


Pioneered as the first "DESI TV" in Canadian Entertainment, RawalTV knows its responsibility to take care for all the communities of South Asia. RawalTV is for the people of all age groups & languages. RawalTV for all of its valuable customers offers variety of programmes including,

  • Dramas
  • Movies
  • Songs
  • Talk Shows
  •  News
  • Religious

RawalTV is a complete package for the whole family. All the programmes on-aired on the RawalTV fullfill the requirement of family entertainment. RawalTV has the

Media Partners


From the beginning, RawalTV has the support of the following  people,

  • Mr. Samir Sohail (JadooTV)
  • Mr. Ahmed Malik (New Life Insurance)
  • Mr. Mansoor Mirza (Century21 Reality)
  • Mr. Nadeem Khan (Khan Brothers Auto)
  • Mr. Aamir Mehmood (Can-Asia Grocers)
  • Mr. Mannan Khawaja (Quality Foods)

Anchor Person

RawalTV has been associated with the following Anchor persons,

Arshad Bhatti (Host Radio Pakistan Toronto)

Ashraf Raja (Host Radio Sada Bahar)

Moeen Jamal (Host Radio Band Baja)

Current Affairs

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For advertisements and notices on RawalTV, please contact "RawalTV Sales" on the address below or send us an email on


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